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PerSec Solutions was established on 2 December 2002 to assist Commonwealth agencies to manage the ever increasing demand to have employees and contractors security cleared in accordance with the minimum standards of the Commonwealth Protective Security Manual 2000 (PSM). The primary intention of PerSec Solutions is to operate in the best interests of the Commonwealth at all times while processing national and non-national security clearance assessments (vetting). PerSec Solutions uses a pro-active, practical and results oriented approach that, over a relatively short time, has established it as the pre-eminent provider of Commonwealth security clearance assessments. We are all committed to working with your Agency in achieving the best possible business outcomes.

What makes us different?

PerSec Solutions believes in providing a practical and co-operative approach to personnel security and the management of the personnel security function. This approach has ensured that agencies comply with the minimum personnel security standards laid down by Government. It also provides a seamless transition that minimizes any adverse impact on the ongoing business operations of agencies. PerSec Solutions has demonstrated that it has the experience, qualifications and knowledge to partner successfully with any Commonwealth agency to provide personnel security clearance assessments and related services
As part of our commitment to ensuring value for money for our clients, we have devised a business process that assists agencies to determine what security clearances they actually require. In many instances, we have been able to demonstrate to client agencies that the level of clearance required was not at the level initially requested.


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