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Pre-Employment Checking


Corporate due diligence demands that you know whom you are employing. In these most uncertain of times, this is even more significant. The PerSec Solutions model eliminates the risks and subsequent doubt that employing people in positions of trust can create. This ensures that our background checks are thorough and include a high level of analysis by experienced staff. The success and prosperity of your business relies on the trustworthiness and honesty of your employees. People who gain employment through fraudulent or deceptive measures pose an unacceptable risk that could ultimately cost your business the ability to survive in a highly competitive environment.

To assist in controlling these risks, we provide a range of services to assess and confirm the identity and credentials of those who apply for employment with your company. Many positions require an on-going review process to ensure that due diligence and director’s liability requirements are met. PerSec Solutions can also identify positions within your company that require background checking and to what depth and level.


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