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The members of PerSec Solutions Pty Ltd (PerSec) who conduct security vetting have been selected on the basis of a series of interviews and reference checks that determine the suitability of the person to work with PerSec Solutions Pty Ltd. Each staff member is placed on a 3-month probationary period, during which a Senior Assessment Officer (and/or other senior staff member) determines the person’s analytical and logical skills. Each member of PerSec is also assessed on his or her individual oral and written communications. These skills are critical to the staff member’s ability to relate well to the people undergoing the security vetting process and our relationship with clients.

PerSec has also initiated a training program for people who have been identified as having the necessary personal aptitude and talent, but who lack the formal technical skills and experience. These individuals are recruited as Assistant Assessment Officers and during a 12-month period attend the appropriate PSCC or CIT training course on personnel security. They also receive constant supervision and mentoring through ‘on-the-job’ training.
All personnel involved in security vetting have appropriate and current Commonwealth security clearances or are in the process of obtaining same.


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