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Personnel Security Vetting


Due to the ability and experience of our staff, PerSec Solutions is able to provide a practical approach to personnel security. This approach ensures that your agency complies with the minimum personnel security standards laid down by Government and provides a seamless transition that minimizes any adverse impact on your ongoing business operations. PerSec Solutions has the experience, qualifications and knowledge to partner successfully with your Agency to provide personnel security clearance assessments (vetting) and related services in accordance with the standards and guidelines contained in the Commonwealth Protective Security Manual 2000 (PSM).
PerSec Solutions’ commitment to customer service extends to the provision of personnel security related advice to our partners in business. The Senior Staff at PerSec Solutions enjoy a solid, excellent and enviable reputation for providing advice on a broad range of personnel security issues to their clients, often at short notice. For example, we can provide advice and facilitate procedures for dealing with temporary or emergency security clearance requests, or take on responsibility for managing, in association with your Agency’s Recruitment area, the entire employee pre-engagement checking process. This latter arrangement has been used successfully by certain agencies in their Graduate Recruitment campaigns.

Our Standard of Service

Our standard of service is best summarised in the following comments made by client agencies:

“sincerely thank you and your team for a first class effort, particularly given the time constraints we placed on you.’

“The Head of Operations is very happy with the result and has expressed his gratitude to all those involved. The team at PerSec have been instrumental in the success of this project and, given the tight deadlines imposed and the relatively short notice afforded to complete the task, the contribution the PerSec team has made is particularly praiseworthy. Please extend our very sincere gratitude to all staff involved. Your continued support, cooperation and assistance with our vetting requirements is appreciated.”

If We Can Be Of Assistance

We would welcome an opportunity to meet with you so that we can outline, in more detail, how we can assist your agency to process personnel security clearance assessments, be they permanent, part time or personnel contracted to provide services to your Agency.


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